Audio: I'm hearing two audio tracks...

Raw Shorts allows you to load up to 2 mp3 files. We recommend using one track for your voice over and the second track for the music / sound bed.

If you've been experimenting with our audio capabilities and now unintentionally find that you're hearing two tracks here's how you can resolve it (attached you'll find a PDF with screenshots that illustrate how to resolve it):

Attached are some step by step instructions to help you better understand how our audio tool works.

Step 1.
Click on the audio settings icons on the lower right to launch the audio dialog box.

Step 2.
Click on the browse button on either the music or voice section.

Step 3.
For music you can either upload a track by clicking on the browse button or select from the existing library.

Step 4.
Locate & select the voice or music mp3 file on your hard drive to upload the file.

Step 5. For music only
If you uploaded a music file select the first item on the list titled “Uploaded audio track” & click apply.
Step 6.
Use this screen to adjust the volume.

If you hear two audio tracks simply lower the volume to 0% on either one of the audio tracks.



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    Oscar Collado Murillo

    Subí la voz y se escucha en la pantalla de edición (settings) pero al momento de poner play a la presentación no se escucha....

    help me!!!!


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